How you spend your days is how you live your life. 

Each day is a new opportunity to live your best life.

When we put our day to bed, we acknowledge and celebrate our wins for the day.

This is super important because ending the day on a high will set you up well for tomorrow. 

Remember, we’re aspiring for your best day, so acknowledging having had a good day (or even a day to be improved) can really drive home your success. It could be something tiny like “I remembered to make my bed” to “I won £10k worth of new business”. Whatever you see as being a win can be acknowledged here. It’s not just about your business either. It could be helping someone else to win. 


It is as simple as writing down your wins and taking a moment to appreciate them.

Three is a good number to aim for, so acknowledge your three biggest or most significant wins FOR YOU today and how they make you feel.

There is no requirement to share them or compare them to anyone else’s wins, they’re yours to celebrate and appreciate.

Some ideas for you.

  • I made my bed today and I feel accomplished.

  • I did my stretches without feeling tired this morning.

  • I won that contract I’ve been working on and I feel incredible.

  • I spent time on me and I feel relaxed.


Carolynne Alexander

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