Why THEIR ten-step plan won’t work for YOU.

https://anchor.fm/carolynne/episodes/Why-THEIR-ten-step-plan-wont-work-for-YOU-e2gh2p A four and a bit minute Dose of Realness on why copying the Gurus won’t get you where YOU want to go. Wanna listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Play? Head to Why THEIR ten-step plan won’t work for YOU on Anchor for all the podcast platforms — https://anchor.fm/carolynne/episodes/Why-THEIR-ten-step-plan-wont-work-for-YOU-e2gh2p Originally published at blog.carolynne.me on October […]

Joining the dots to take you forward

https://play.ht/articles/82a0ce4537d6 You know that Steve Jobs quote? “Only when you look back can you join the dots.” This is so damn true. Growing up, I had ZERO idea what I wanted to be. I told my careers adviser that I didn’t want to work in an office. His interpretation was that I wanted to work […]

The Sixth (and final) Wave of Feminism

https://play.ht/articles/981bb2579c6c I’ve resisted writing about feminism for all my life. For reasons that are personal to me but will no doubt reveal themselves in the near future. Feminism is a touchy subject and still has the stigma of bra-burning hippies and raging, angry women due to the fact that we’re still not done with the […]

When surrendering isn’t an option

There’s a lot of talk about surrender and the positive aspect of it. Surrendering to keep the peace. Surrendering to controlling everything.Surrendering to being right about everything. This is the good side of surrender but I want to offer you an alternative and shake things up a little. Surrender, by definition, is to give up. To […]

The FIVE ways you can get out of your own way and reinvented yourself — Part 2 of 2.

So, last time, I gave you a little bit of realness with the five mistakes you’re probably making that’s holding you back from releasing your potential. It breaks my heart to see so many people not reaching their full potential and holding themselves back. Today, we’re gonna start you on a new path of reinvention. […]

The FIVE things you’re doing to mess up your potential — Part 1 of 2

There are plenty of people out there who aren’t choosing to live up to their full potential. It breaks my heart to watch from the sidelines. I just want to jump in and help them but I can’t. That’s because they’re making these same mistakes over and over again. I’ve made these mistakes too but […]

1:1000 True Fans

Aaaaand that’s a wrap!⠀ Another membership site launched and cash coming in. ⠀ Now I could post about the money or the impact or the signup rate but this is the key…⠀ The momentum was built over months.⠀ Momentum turns into urgency.⠀ Momentum turns into raving fans banging down the door to be let in. […]