1:1 Business Weekender in the sun.



It takes years of failing and learning to succeed.
But what would happen if you had the shortcuts?
Imagine if you had a trusted mentor in your corner who’s got the RIGHT answers for you.
By now, you know need help.
Because going it alone is the worst thing you can do.
Loneliness is a killer of Entrepreneurial dreams.

Are you tired of leading your business alone?

It’s time to get someone in your corner, for real!


We spend most of our business lives being the leader and now it’s time to allow someone else to create the space you need to breath out.

Entrepreneurship is the greatest journey we’ll ever take and to go on that journey with someone else in your corner is priceless.

Lemme give you an alternative to the stomach-turning, Monday morning feeling. 

You turn off your laptop, lock the door and say bye to your staff on a Friday afternoon.

You head to the airport and jump on a flight to the sunshine to escape the rain of The UK (and all the talk about Brexit). 

Once you arrive, you breathe a sigh of relief because you know everything is taken care of. 

An Uber (and me!) is waiting for you to take you to your Airbnb in the centre of Málaga. 

When you arrive there’s cava, chocolate, self-care treats and a hug waiting for you. 

The sun is just about to go down so you spruce yourself up and head to a rooftop bar where we sit and have a few drinks and you can have a rant about life. 

Yup, you have permission to talk business with someone who cares and understands you. Get it all out!

I’ll bring the tissues.

Then we’ll take you back to your Airbnb for a (relatively) early night where you can sit on your terrace and watch the city while you enjoy the time away from your daily routine to reflect on how far you’ve come. 

“You’ve come a long way, baby.”  

A breakfast of warm croissants and freshly squeezed orange juice will be waiting for you when you’ve had time to do your morning routine.

 A walk by the sea, sunbathing on your terrace or journaling and meditation… it’s up to you.

Then we begin…

A weekend of untangling your noddled brain, sorting out your “pain in the arse” business and anything else we can fix while we hang out for two whole days.

By the end of the weekend, you’ve had time away, you’ve solved your biggest issues, you’ve talked out all the concerns and problems you have with your business.

You feel calm, focused, supported and excited about business again.

When Monday morning rolls around, everyone else will have binged watched Netflix and eaten the same takeaway they always get.

You, on the other hand, will have pulled the big levers in your business, made confident decisions, been seen and heard AND had some sunshine to brighten you up.

Hey, nice tan.
You seem happier, calm and more focused.

It doesn't cost the earth to get the help you need.

So let’s talk money. You might be wondering how much this is and whether you can afford it.
I know how you feel. When I went on my first retreat three years ago, I was scraping about for Euros to pay for the taxi to the airport.
That won’t happen here. Everything is taken care of. Pinky promise.
Oh, how about flights?!

The flights to Málaga are crazy cheap right now.

£17 from East Midlands is about the average right now. London is about the same.
And it is less than three hours flying time so you can leave work on a Friday evening and be here for dinner.
You can book this as a mid-week or weekend break depending on your type of business. I can work around you.
And include as much or as little as your budget allows.
You can decide to go full Baller or keep it simple.


(Book now to get the best price for flights.)

Wanna know more details about the weekend that will change your life and how to signup?

Everything you need to know including the pricing are on the other side of pressing that button. You ready?