1:1000 True Fans

Aaaaand that’s a wrap!⠀ Another membership site launched and cash coming in. ⠀ Now I could post about the money or the impact or the signup rate but this is the key…⠀ The momentum was built over months.⠀ Momentum turns into urgency.⠀ Momentum turns into raving fans banging down the door to be let in. […]

Trends vs Expectations

I said it before and I’ll say it again… Deeper relationships, hyper-individualisation of products and marketing, tiny tribes of raving fans, timely messages and crafting your brand. These aren’t trends, they are what the market, YOUR MARKET, has come to expect from you. Technology is pushing the cost down and the skill level up. This […]

Your Customers Are Selfish

Luka Zuparic posted a great post over in the Future Marketing Facebook Group yesterday about jobs of the future. The one that stood out was Customer Experience Officer (CXO). We’re in a new era of business called the Relationship Economy and we’re moving towards more personalised experiences – Hyper-individuality. Every interaction we have with our […]

2017… the year of…?

I was sat refreshing Twitter and watching the TV as the news unfolded that the financial crisis was in full swing. Do you remember the year? 2008 — September, I believe. Lehmann Bros had just imploded and 2008 was named THE year of everything going sideways for businesses everywhere. In our lives, we remember where we were […]

Why your Facebook Group is pants.

Today, I’m building a basic membership site for an up and coming company and one of the first moves they are making is building their membership site outside of Facebook along with a FB Group. Here’s why… 1). Dealing with information – Humans deal with information by chunking down large pieces into smaller parts. Too […]