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Carolynne Alexander

🤫The CEO Whisperer
High Performance & Leadership Coach

MF'ing Boss of @weareYOE
Releasing Human Potential in Tech & Creative Industries.
ENTJ with a side order of sass

I am NOT messing about

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My Current *Productivity Stack

My current *productivity stack (SAVE THIS AND DO THE WORK) 💥Daily 'Doro check-ins in The Dose of Realness Group. --> Two hours of concentrated, deep work to move the needle on my business.--> Using the Pomodoro Technique to get sh!t done.--> Perfect for when...

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The THREE INGREDIENTS you need to change to become successful

The THREE INGREDIENTS you need to change to become successful Everything you see around you is the result of someone’s imagination. The device you’re reading this on. Steve Jobs. The chair you’re lounging on. Ingvar Kamprad.The coffee you’re drinking. Howard Schultz....

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