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I was sat refreshing Twitter and watching the TV as the news unfolded that the financial crisis was in full swing.

Do you remember the year?

2008 — September, I believe.

Lehmann Bros had just imploded and 2008 was named THE year of everything going sideways for businesses everywhere.

In our lives, we remember where we were and what we were doing when big shit goes down.

In our businesses, we also remember the milestones and trends what happened in those years.

2014 was the year of perfecting email sequences.

2015 was the year of launching online courses.

2016 was the year of Facebook Ads and Groups.

2017… well, I’ve already seen businesses using FB bots, the raise of membership subscription models and Insta/FB stories… and we’re only in March!

Personally, I love tech and innovation. It’s my nerd subject!

But how do you know which to go with?

Well, you don’t.

Following trends will get you noticed but how can you do them all.

Trends are just tactics. And tactics are just the execution of a larger strategy.

Following the crowd without a strategy and a reason WHY you’re doing something leads to empty FB Groups and unfinished projects.

Ask WHY.

Why use a FB Group?

Why use a FB Bot?

Why use a subscription model?

Once you know the why… the how becomes easy.