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Aaaaand that’s a wrap!⠀

Another membership site launched and cash coming in. ⠀

Now I could post about the money or the impact or the signup rate but this is the key…⠀

The momentum was built over months.⠀

Momentum turns into urgency.⠀

Momentum turns into raving fans banging down the door to be let in. ⠀

Those fans were served daily and they responded with “take my money, I want more”.⠀

And with that said…⠀

It’s time to build my own momentum and step back from web design (again!).⠀

It’s hard to say no when you have the skills to turn nothing into something with a handful of code but now is the time to build my own shit.

My momentum is lost when I focus and go all in on client projects cos when I give a shit, I lose sleep over it. ⠀

And that doesn’t serve me. ⠀

It doesn’t build my momentum. ⠀

The 1:1 model is broken. ⠀

It’s time for 1:1000 True Fans.