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New Year and a new way of doing things.

Like a cat sniffing the air… There’s something going round in the zeitgeist. Something very close to my heart.


I wrote about it a while ago after a few things popping up in my life.

??The Minimalists documentary on Netflix,

??The challenge of reading less and doing more,

??The Essentialism book (by Greg McKeown) being mentioned to me more than once…

All of these things have that one thing in common.

The art of distilling your life and business into the essence of what needs to be done.

It’s something I’m fascinated by.

I’m the hardest working lazy person you know and if I can take a shortcut, I will. I hack at things to make them one click, I pay for shortcuts, I’ll invest time upfront to ensure I’m building assets and not just a one time action.

Not only that but I want to live my whole life as lightly as possible. Less stuff, more quality.

I think it’s something I get from my Dad ?? — Ex-Navy and fire service and their kit bags only having the essentials in there.

So as a business owner, builder, creator and nerd, I set off on a mission. To hack business. To work out the least amount that has to be done to get the maximum return.

Instead of adding more to your life, how about we remove some stuff? Optimise your time, headspace and actions so you have more time to connect deeply with your fans and make the moneys.

And actually enjoy running and building your business.

There are a couple of sayings that have popped up lately too…

One of them is the famous line coined by Gerber (The E-Myth) about working on your business instead of in your business. It was one of the first business books I ever read and it stuck with me for years.

Same with the 80/20 Rule. What’s the 20% of what I do that gives me the 80% return.

And it’s the premise that I use in all my coaching and consulting. What’s the minimum you need to do to get the maximum return? Remove the unnecessary.

?Sell something that people want, get it in front of those people and do it in a way that only you can ?

??Product | Sales | Style

Simple huh?

Elegant solutions for busy business owners. Less busy business. Less is mor£

I could go on… I have all this swimming around my head and it’s been there for years!

Soooooo, its time to get it all out there. But not all at once…slowly, timely, drip feeding it, working around my audience, asking for feedback, tweaking, testing… And all the while, cutting out the unnecessary.

My passion is strong, my knowledge, experience and wisdom are ready and the zeitgeist says it’s time.

Preparation is meeting opportunity.

You ready? I am xx